Our philosophy


This Indian Koghi proverb summarizes our philosophy and inspires all our communication campaigns as well as our events.

Our values

Team spirit

In this business, we are never the best on our own. It is essential to play in a team with the client as our main co player. Our most efficient campaigns are always built jointly with you, in mutual respect and understanding as well as shared pleasure.  

Service spirit

We are above all a service company. Being service minded is a fundamental value for us. Thus, we do not only want our clients to be happy, we want them to be enthusiastic.

Sense of responsibility

Your projects are our projects and we are committed to them from start to finish. You can count on us from the design phase until the operational execution phase. We always offer you work in pair to guarantee your assistance at all times.

Sense of humor

We are serious in what we do yet we do not take things too seriously. Our objective is to take pleasure every day and to spread it around, to keep being positive and solution oriented, finally to maintain benevolence up to our requirements.  

Our 5 fundamental values

OUR ADDED VALUE relies on 5 fundamental principles at the center of our know-how in SAGARMATHA.

Make sense


Foster commitment


Build ties




Acknowledge !


Our Sag’Stories

« You have no idea what the Sagarmatha teams can do for you »

These little stories gleaned from the Sagarmatha teams along the years say much more than long speeches, they demonstrate our service mindedness, our creative spirit that drive us all on a daily basis to make our clients not only happy but ENTHUSIASTIC.

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-02

This evening, the merger is done !

A stock exchange company is about to merge with its best competitor. To foster this merger, the president wishes to organize a seminar with workshops to make the teams mingle. We “break” the brief and we offer to make films and plays by the teams about a common topic “stories of merger, merger of stories”. A winning recipe beyond all expectations.The same evening, the company manager whispers in my ear at the end of the show: “Tonight, the merger is done”

Laurent Pillot

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-04

There is no love; there is only proof of love 

We receive a highly complex brief for a large pharmaceutical laboratory. The objective being to reengage demotivated teams due to endless reorganizations and to help them regain confidence in the future.After several brainstorming sessions and kicking our heels at the agency, we dare the shortest proposal in the history of events: A sentence + a picture.“There is no love, there is only proof of love” with a beautiful picture of their logo on the Olympia facade. Our conviction: Offer your teams a nice gift and gather them at a private concert of Yannick Noah at L’Olympia. Bold yet a winner !

Anne-Christine Poirot

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-05

A lobster story

We are lost in the middle of a desert island in Panama with 65 clients for a luxury bivouac. Tonight, we are having lobster for dinner. One per person because they are rare on the archipelago due to the bad weather these last days. When we sit at the tables, 10 lobsters had mysteriously disappeared! I am not sure, it is dark. I put my bathing suit and take a headlamp and I go diving to explore the island shores. I find the 10 missing lobsters well hidden in a box. Pfeeew, dinner is saved ! 

Alban Hugonnet

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-08

Tell me and I will forget, Involve me and I will understand Danone decided to gather its 3 Fresh Produce, Water and Biscuits research centers in a brain new site called Danone Vitapole. The managers wanted to gather their 500 staff members beforehand to announce this project during a convention and convey the desire to work together. Our idea : how about we start a pleasant and friendly collaboration during the event already? Let’s set up a gala dinner where the 500 guests will be both players and spectators. Here we go: during the gala, 50 teams made films, sketches, circus performances, dishes and fashion shows. It was such a success that Danone decided to entrust us with the moving !

Anne-Charlotte Perrot

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-01Fireworks at Stromboli ! Cold and Hot Sweat  !!! The Aeolian Islands, what a perfect destination for an incentive trip! And what a great idea to propose a bivouac by the Stromboli volcano to experience its constant eruptions while enjoying Foie Gras and Champagne surrounded by natural fireworks. Yet, when we got to the island, the mules booked were not there and the porters had disappeared. A stressful moment… Luckily I had with me two tough mountain guides. It took us less than 5 round trips and 600 meters of ascent and descent to set up the beautiful bivouac under the stars for our 45 clients. Everything was perfect! and our clients were dazzled… but only by the fireworks !!!!

Christophe Larrenduche

plusloinensemble5 world tours in 24h ! Our client, a large international group, wanted to raise the collaborators’ awareness all over the world about CSR as a strategic aim. We recommended launching a 24h challenge with a simple and federating concept: cumulate by foot or by bike, all together, a minimum of 40000 kms (circumference of the earth). For each km registered, 1 euro was donated to an association chosen locally.
The teams joined all over the world, the meter went crazy and in 24h00, we reached 198 000 km ! For the first time a client had to give a check 5 times bigger than the budget and he was DELIGHTED!!!

Magali Lesain

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-09I love my job ! My story at Sagarmatha started 8 years ago…I had the opportunity to live extraordinary experiences but one of them I will never forget…In June 2014 we had a big challenge for one of our clients: set up a bivouac and a gala for 200 people at 1450 m of altitude facing the Mont Blanc!
Extremely challenging logistics, 3-day set up including 2 days and a half of hailstorms. We were exhausted, yet when we were adding the final touch to the tents’ decorations, I was alone, I stared at the majestic Mont Blanc glistening under the sun beams, it scared me and reassured me at the same time…what a bliss to experience this stunning show all alone and to allow my mind to drift over the grandest roof of Europe.
At this very moment, I said to myself: I LOVE MY JOB!

Claire Krummenacker

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-06Incarnate the “One Attitude” The new general manager of a consumer goods’ company challenged us on an idea to engage all his employees. They all should become aware that they can, have to and will become leaders on their market in the coming months. “Nothing is impossible”, he says, and they all should believe the same ! Our idea : make all the staff members achieve a world record validated by the Guinness Book ! This record was the longest clothes’ chain ever made. Limited time, 1208 tee shirts were tied by the teams over a distance of 1.2 km ! “We beat the record today ; we are ready to go even beyond, tomorrow”, the general manager concluded. All clothes were donated later on to the associations: Croix Rouge, Secours Catholique. NB: the Sagarmatha teams also beat a record, spending the longest hours at night to untie the 1208 tee shirts 😉

Sylviane Girardo

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-03Big Heart Opera Choir I want everyone to feel the strength of our entire group deep inside, to be ready to fly our company’s flag and to take the craziest challenges”. This was our client’s brief that day.
Since we are true to the philosophy driving us since the beginnings of Sagarmatha, we decided to involve our 800 collaborators in a unique challenge : Sing all together some pieces of the most famous operas with a real symphony orchestra.
Directed by choirmasters in small groups, 800 participants rehearsed relentlessly for a whole day. Emotions were at their peak when they discovered the symphony orchestra in the evening to play along them. Singers surrounded the orchestra and since the first notes, a huge wave of emotion overwhelmed all the players of this unique moment.The general manager, an opera lover, was speechless and emotional, long after the last note of music.« You blew my mind », he said to thank all our teams. And to be honest, I was dazzled too.  The result was beyond all our expectations. I know why I am doing this job, it is to live such experiences..

Sebastien Vastel

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-04First incentive in Viet Nam : Bivouac mission at Halong Bay. We were in July 1994 ; one of our loyal clients chose us to organize the First Incentive Trip in Vietnam. At that time, the country started to open up to the West. We stood out in our offer as we proposed a bivouac on a desert island on Halong Bay. It was like an adventure to the moon in 1994…A couple of months later, I went to the island with a mountain of bivouac equipment and a local team who had never seen an igloo tent before, nor spoken a word of English. The set up lasted until late at night amidst giggles and nervous breakdowns. The result was astounding : our clients felt like being at the genesis of the world. We shared grilled marshmallows around a campfire with our new and curious Vietnamese friends.

Isabelle Lervoire

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-09The tears of Cinecitta 20h30 : Rome, Cinecitta studios. It was dark ; Antique Rome was all lit to welcome our 600 guests.They arrived in a procession and all of a sudden, an absolute silence reigned. Everyone walked in awe. Mesmerizing ! 20:40 : Famous opera sounds echo on the facades. For several minutes, 600 people stood still, bewitched by Bellini’s Opera, La Norma. Everyone is aware they were living a unique moment. The waiters standing motionless with their trays looked like statues while the bubbles were dancing in the glasses. Time stood still, tears were shed on several faces overwhelmed by this magical experience. As for me, once again, I knew why I was doing this job.

Sebastien Vastel

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-06Downpour in the tunisian desert ! Tozeur, in the Tunisian desert and renowned for sunshine all through the year, shows us a completely other side! While enjoying a memorable party on the dance floor that we set up by our camping of Berber tents, an impressive storm poured down on us. It had never been seen before! The generator set stopped. We were in total blackout. Our cold-blooded drivers took their SUVs on the spot and formed a semi-circle around us. The headlights of 30 SUVs were shed upon us. Some went even further and started flashing their lights to render the strobe effect in clubs. Pfeeew the party was saved.

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-08Fishing of Pearl oysters in the Red Sea ! During an incentive trip at Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea, we had the brilliant idea to organize a scuba diving safari to find pearl oysters on the coral reef. The idea was simple: hide pearl oysters with different colors at different spots in the lagoon. The participants had to find them, open them and count the points following the pearls’ colors. It was one of the greatest ideas I have ever had and that I regretted the most. We spent the whole night, together with the guides, opening the oysters, trying to match the two shells that we had mixed, filling them with pearls, closing them one by one with hot wax and hiding them during the night at several spots in the coral reef. I remember that the participants found it very natural to fish Marenne Oysters with plastic colored pearls inside on the Red Sea shores.

Christophe Larrenduche

autocollants 3vecto_WEB-05Ice-breaker challenge ! For this consultants’ seminar, our client wanted to create a unique sharing moment right from the beginning, an innovative “ice-breaker”. I do not remember who at the agency had the brilliant idea to propose a challenge in teams to create the longest chain of personal clothes. « Ice Breaker » objective achieved, in less than 5 minutes, 250 consultants were in underwear (for the most modest) on the hotel’s lawn. Ever since the aperitif of the first evening, the teams were more intimate with each other and the client became ENTHUSIASTIC.

Thierry Marchand

Our awards


Stratégie Grand Prix / « B to B events » category Top Com Award for « l’appart » Pattex

Barreau de Paris

Event communications KRéA Grand Prix / « Congress » category

Société générale

Internal Event Top Com Bronze Award for the Citizen Commitment Week 2010

Danone Vitapole

Interactive Convention Special Award « Speed Up Together »


« Communication and Corporate » Grand Prix / 1st internal event Award 2014


Event communications KRéA Grand Prix / « Gala events » Category

Pierre et Vacances

« Commercial Action Awards » Grand Prix / « Convention » Category


« Communication and Corporate » Grand Prix / « General Interest Campaign » category for the « together is everyone ! » campaign


« Commercial Action Awards » Grand Prix / « Incentive Trip » category for « out of Tanzania »

Yves Rocher

« Commercial Action Awards » Grand Prix / « Convention-Seminar for the sales force » category


KRéA Grand Prix / « Responsible Event » Category: “With VSC, travel responsibly !”

BNP Paris PF

Namaska receives the Diversity Award 2012/ « Communication » Category


Honorary Award of the Internal Event of 2015