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Your events and internal communication agency in Paris, in the Ile-de-France Region (75)

A unique internal and events communication company’s Sag Touch

The Sagarmatha Paris Ile de France agency is a melting pot of talents and events project managers from all walks of life, who continue, though already long-settled in Paris, to define themselves as people of Strasbourg, Grenoble, Marseille, Lyon, Brittany….

Some have taken up quarters in the heart of Paris, others to the East, gravitating towards Vincennes or Montreuil, and still others to the West, opting for Neuilly, Levallois, or Clichy. The question of whose neighborhood is the best place to live continues to stir debate.

Whichever that may be, for all of them, heading to the office in downtown Paris daily, between Bourse and Grands Boulevards, is convenient and easy whether on the subway, the suburb train, by bike, or even on foot!

Being agile is essential in an ever-changing environment, that’s why we are taking on a wide range of settings, tasks, and projects. We feel that it’s crucial to handle the technical production and the digital tools to organize either a hybrid or an on-site event: live streaming, multiplex, virtual events, webcasts, webinars, interactive online platforms…

The multiplicity of technical solutions has broadened the horizon! Being curious, daring, experimenting with new formats, and adapting to our clients’ existing interfaces are key features to efficiently plan digital events.

On a daily basis, being agile means operating in flex-office mode. Our offices were designed to guarantee that everyone can find a spot right next to the project team they need to discuss with over the day. The offices are all identical and open to any employee, whatever their specialty, title, or status: from interns to freelance talents or other professions that you will find at a Parisian internal communication and events agency. This freedom infuses the air with a different dynamic each day, while also enabling true autonomy and flexibility throughout the everyday. We are also fond of remote work, when it matches our schedules, to find the perfect balance between the quiet and the bustle, but also happiness and performance.

In Paris, each of our talents, in addition to their core activities, takes on active watch responsibilities in the field of their choice, gathering intelligence on anything from event logistics such as venue sourcing, caterers, scenography, digital, video production, collaborative and artistic design, collaborative and artistic design, collective intelligence methods, inspiring speakers and beyond…

Paris Agency
Paris Agency

Our expertise as an event and internal communications agency


Incorporated into the Group’s flagship structure, the team at Sagarmatha Paris grew up in the unique relational ecosystem formed by the Group, a historical global event organizer that specializes in events, digital, and PR. At the heart of the communication business, the Group’s primary mission is to build engaging and long-lasting relationships between brands, companies, institutions, and their audience, exactly what has already been accomplished when organizing the Paris Motor Show in Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, the Deauville American Film Festival or the REF (French Entrepreneurs Conference) at Paris Longchamp Racecourse.

Together with the Hopscotch Group’s communication teams, we worked on the publication “La Relation, le Nouvel Or des Entreprises” (“Relationship, the new gold mine for companies”). Relationship, the new gold mine for companies argues that brands, companies, and organizations should get to know their audience.

In interaction with the other talents at Hopscotch Group, the Paris team has developed great gusto for corporate communication consulting and work on cross-disciplinary projects with other Group’s units or agencies.

In Paris, most of the internal communication projects truly require a strong editorial and digital focus to strengthen our employees’ engagement in event projects: from content design to web design services, engagement plans leveraging our clients’ internal digital platforms, or tailor-made platforms, and often making use of collaboration tools based in our clients’ work environments.

The team has also developed strong skills in building engagement plans that mobilize teams around CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitments, all thanks to an intrapreneur, Anne-Christine Poirot, who’s passionate about responsible engagement, social ties, and educational communication and who’s now . Topics such as disability inclusion, diversity, solidarity, and net zero emission are amongst those that most captivate the interest of our consulting project managers and directors. In practical terms, we follow the ISO 20121 international standard requirements, first issued for the London 2012 Summer Olympics, which guarantees the environmental, social, and economic sustainability of our management system and CSR event-related activities.

2 internal talents becam facilitators of Climat Fresk. Goal ? Involving all of the Group’s employees in the fight against global warming.

If you want more information on our teams’ multiple skills, watch the interview of Julie Lebre, Project Manager in Paris, on the Welcome to the Jungle page.

Our Paris agency’s network

The players that make up the sustainable development ecosystem are a strength for the Paris network on which we draw, and to which we also lend our support.
Former co-workers such Margaux Dufau, a recent finalist in the Google Impact Challenge, with her initiative “Les Astroliens” are taking action, through their associations, to put digital within everyone’s reach, across generations.

Through events such as the We Love Green Festival in Paris at Bois de Vincennes, the spotlight is shined on engaged players and Green Tech start-ups, intensifying our desire to get involved, commit and participate, in a space and environment designed to be creative, artistic, and cultural.

We work daily with the key players in collective intelligence and collaborative innovation, both on-site and remotely:  Big Bloom, La We Box, decisive independent talents, and more.

Sharing the beliefs of the APM, our leaders take the time to share their experiences there through the regional networks, such as the APM Club Paris Ponant, West Side Paris, as well as take an active part in the key discussion sessions in the communication field. Our general manager, Sylviane Girardo, has been elected to the board of directors of l’Evenement, the French professional organization for consulting, creative, and production companies in event management, which helps be heard as a community, voice the issues and problems faced by the profession, and develop our business added value in an ever-changing world.

Paris Agency

A day in the life of our communication agency in Paris


Welcome to our open space, where at any time, the atmosphere can be as staid and serious as it can be unconventional.
The Group’s Hopcases, the Sag Geekeries, and our weekly experience-sharing meetings are opportunities to discover, gain new skills, and share experiences and business watch. These few rituals pace our weeks, combining as always Smile and Success.

The office life is dotted with special events several times a year organized by the “Happy Committee”, entirely made of volunteers, who serve for a one-year period. On the menu, cultural activities, gatherings such as the Service Providers Knock-off Drinks, or festive outings, which all have the same goal: nurturing our creativity.