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The best of people and digital.

As technology is transforming our working methods on a daily basis,

we’re increasingly using digital technology to reinvent the way we communicate,

creating even more links, connections and human relationships.

The Sag Touch

Digilive 7

Designing the employee experience

Digilive 6

Full range of emotions

Digilive 5

UX/EX Symmetry
(User Experience / Employee Experience)

Digilive 4

(Anytime, Anywhere, Any device, Any content)

Our areas of expertise

  • Webinar
  • International multiplex conferences
  • TV Webcast
  • Tailor-made steaming platform
  • Virtual Reality event and workshop
  • Digital facilitation tools: internal web platform, application, web app, etc.
  • E-learning
  • Gamification
Engagement communication 7

Get me involved, I will understand…

Organisations are faced with complexity, decentralisation of employees and digital transformation. To help them solve the challenges of the future, they need more contact, links and involvement with their employee than ever before.

Let’s make digital our ally! Let’s combine all the communication channels, face-to-face and digital to help us come together, cooperate and innovate, act in the long term and beyond borders. Let’s integrate “mobiquity” (mobility + ubiquity) in our systems so we can access information and interact with each other at any time.

Through its network of experts and partners, Sagarmatha is always on the lookout for the latest digital innovations that benefit the employee experience, going even further in terms of cooperation, involvement and human relationships.


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