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Start With People

We believe that the best way to develop a company is to start with it’s people!

We want every employee to find their “flow” and fine-tune their skillset in line with the company’s development.

By helping and supporting our passionate employee, we’ve expanded and strengthened our expertise and we’ve become better! We’re also skilled at intrapreneurship or how to encourage initiatives and transform them into practical projects. Let’s be bold together!

In 2016, Sagarmatha was certified as a Great Place to Work (5th place among companies with fewer than 50 employees) and once again certified in 2019 (2nd in the 2019 ranking). We’re proud to be a company with a great workplace.

Our commitment 14

Our responsible sustainable approach

Very early on, Sagarmatha committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, which structures our offer and our internal operations. Our commitment has resulted in us pioneering the LUCIE label, an approach aligned with the ISO 26000 international standard, which has been renewed between 2008 and 2022.

Choosing Sagarmatha means choosing an agency that has “Platinium” EcoVadis certification, within the Hopscotch Group. EcoVadis is a corporate social and environmental performance rating platform, providing diagnoses for buyers and suppliers.

On October 14, 2020, BSI Group (British Standards Institute), creator of the BS 8901 standard (which inspired the ISO 20121 standard), deliver to Sagarmatha the certification of its Sustainable Events management system. This is a continuous improvement process that strengthens the dialogue with our ecosystem and the efficiency of our internal processes.

This international ISO 20121 standard, issued in June 2012, just before the London Olympic Games, has allowed to standardize the sustainable development approach at the international level in the event sector. The ISO 20121 standard is therefore a response to the urgent need to lead the events industry towards a logic of continuous improvement.

What does this mean in our daily life?

We are committed to collaborate on 3 major pillars with associated key actions:

Environmental: our team has been trained to implement eco-gestures from the very beginning of their communication campaign design, and we will advise you on the different ways of calculating your carbon footprint.

Social: we work with a network of committed partners, some of which are part of the adapted employment sector, and more widely of solidarity employment organizations.

We signed our very first 2022 Handicap agreement with the Hopscotch Group.

Economic: we tend to create as many partnerships as possible with local teams to build together in the long term a sustainable legacy.

Our commitment 9

With committed, eco-responsible, inclusive employees, Sagarmatha plays its part (“The Hummingbird’s share”) with optimism.

All year round, we support charities that work towards a fairer society.

We carbon offset our business travel.

We have been involved as skills sponsors with the association Rêves, to help celebrate their 25th anniversary and realise the dreams of seriously ill children.