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Every event is an opportunity to create emotions, motivation and connections.

We design and produce motivating events

for all your company’s key moments.

The Sag Touch

Getting people involved

and co-construction

Designing the employee experience


Our areas of expertise

  • International or national conventions
  • Leadership meetings, Global Sales Meetings…
  • Roadshows
  • Conferences
  • Open Days
  • Evening parties & ceremonies
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Cultivate the human factor to foster more sustainable performance…

Bringing together the men and women in your company for an event is a way of creating a breathing space, establishing a ritual, cultivating values. It contributes to the writing of the company’s history, strengthens its core identity and takes on board strategic challenges.

It means saying “Well done”, “Thank you”, “Tomorrow”… It means speaking to the left and right parts of the brain, acknowledging success and sharing strengths, giving meaning and creating emotions.

It means putting things into action, enjoying experiences and promoting dialogue.

Giving everyone the energy and the desire to work together, with “Smile”, which is itself a key to success.


produced each year