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As all businesses should
embrace sustainability,

we build and implement employee engagement strategies

starting from your key CSR priorities and commitments.

The Sag Touch

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Giving meaning

CSR communication 4

A methodology centred
on people

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CSR motivation


Our areas of expertise

  • Motivation around CSR challenges and inclusive commitments
  • Disability and Diversity Communication Plan
  • Citizen Day
  • Environmental awareness campaigns
  •  Global HR campaigns with positive impact
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The Corporate sustainability virtuous circle

Corporate Sustainability is based on the 3 pillars: economic, environmental and social.

We support you in your internal awareness campaigns about these topics that are still not properly understood, breaking the taboos.

Once received ideas have been questioned, allow people to speak up through inclusive, face-to-face and online discussions.

Then invite the employees already involved to share their experiences, making others want to get involved too.

This virtuous circle strengthens the feeling of belonging and allows your employees to embody the company’s values.

Together with you, our mission is to give meaning to your commitments through a positive, optimistic approach.


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