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We are the agency that puts people at the heart of your internal, digital and events communication strategies.

Sagarmatha (n): the Nepalese name for Mount Everest

Sustainability in action!

We care:

  • to move forward with you in a sustainable, constructive and committed way,
  • to communicate on your new inclusive entrepreneurship, circular or low carbon economy projects,
  • to create highlights where pedagogy and the magic of repetition make the difference  to give reality to your new sustainable initiatives,
  • to experience with you different models of cooperation.

We are strengthening our concrete actions and our participative approach, with the certification of our Sustainable Events management system, International Standard ISO 20121, by BSI.

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Our latest news

Popularize and involve French citizens in the application for a priority preliminary ruling on the issue of constitutionality.

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Turn a healthcare professionals onsite meeting into a digital experience.



These are our base camps: make yourself at home!

In Lyon, an incubator of talent where ideas merge! Come and meet our enthusiastic team, who deal with your communication challenges in the week and climb peaks at the weekend.

From the top… discussions, laughter, ideas, keywords, creativity… the Lille team puts all its energy into creating your communications! Get ready to Sm;)e!

On the deck of our flagship agency in the heart of the capital, our Paris team are always on the go! From the “flex office” to creativity spaces, we will build your future communications with you.

Come and explore our world! Together, we can devise the best way to put people at the heart of your strategies.

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