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Pharmaceutical industry



Number of participants

Over 500 participants


Nice (2022) et Strasbourg (2023)

It’s great to talk about our unknown disease

A patient suffering from multiple sclerosis

Raising public awareness and supporting the patients

The challenge

How to raise public awareness and support the patients and their relatives during World MS Day while showcasing Sanofi, UH, non-profit organizations, and healthcare professionals’ involvement across the French territory?

Let’s start!

Set up the PERFECT meeting place that gathers the key players involved in fighting multiple sclerosis! An event project that encompasses:

  • Conferences to inform and create a safe space where patients and their relatives can discuss with professionals.
  • Visual actions on main squares in the hosting cities (Massena Square in Nice in 2022, Kléber Square in Strasbourg in 2023) to call out to the public and raise awareness: educational exhibitions to better understand the disease, stalls to meet with volunteers, activities to create good sharing moment.
  • We could also count on the notoriety of the organization’s godfather, Philippe Candeloro, to fight against MS. Thanks to his commitment beforehand and his presence on the day, he was a big part of the event’s success!

Ahead of the big day, communication campaigns were locally set up to get the public familiar with World MS Day: a tramway was decked out in the themed colors, or the Apollo statue was adorned with an MS ribbon in Nice.





The Sag Touch’

  • We were proud to be a part of this annual event that is long-awaited by the patients and their relatives
  • We were thrilled to witness the audience dancing Zumba, taking part in rowing challenges, trying out (8 meters high!) high jump, and discovering equine-assisted therapy. A dazzling day
  • We were delighted to meet such committed volunteers who went above and beyond to make the patients feel supported and valued! Putting people first: a shared commitment with our teams.

Did you know?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune disease that results in the degeneration of the central nervous system. It is the leading cause of non-traumatic disability in young adults. In most cases, the disease appears between the ages of 25 and 35. Every year, 5,000 new cases are diagnosed: 3 out of 4 patients are women. Most of the symptoms of MS are invisible, such as fatigue, UTIs, mood disorders, and sexual dysfunction.

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