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Number of participants
2 600
30 connected places worldwide

How satisfying to see such strong mobilisation around an event of an entirely new kind, designed and produced with the cooperation of the Sagarmatha teams!

Communication Department

Sharing SOMFY SPIRIT with global managers, to embody it every day

The challenge

Engage Somfy managers worldwide around the company’s strategic areas of focus and make the 2,600 managers in each geographical area contribute locally to Somfy’s managerial principles.

To embody the SOMFY SPIRIT in each factory, office and logistics platform, and to strengthen the sense of belonging among the Group’s managers.

Let’s start!

A 3-month ramp-up, through a communications campaign before the event: a saga video in 3 episodes co-built with Somfy and PixPocket audiovisual. The saga video was the necessary introduction to this global event in 3 phases:

  • Everyone was connected by streaming from the emitting site in Cluses (company head office) to the entire management community in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Everyone could react at any time to the new CEO’s speech using the Intranet social network Yammer.
  • A regional workshop co-built with Somfy and led by managers trained by webinar on complex topics such as “employee development”, generating a real collective dynamic and general emulation.
  • A celebration event for each main region, shared live on Yammer.





The Sag Touch

  • We planned a very ambitious global event, by being inventive and economical in terms of budget.
  • We’re proud to have combined a strong digital component with face-to-face regional events.
  • And we were surprised by the enthusiasm and emotional impact that these events generated… But what tension and excitement there was as we counted down to the CEO coming on the airwaves!

Did you know?

A co-building approach is an incredible driving force! The Somfy, PixPocket and Sagarmatha trio worked together superbly to offer exceptional experiences to the managers. The co-building process definitely takes longer to put in place than working on your own, but the result is more diverse, more solid, and so full of meaning and conviction that it becomes contagious!

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