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Our tips for involving your employees in the company project.

To motivate your employees, it’s essential to build a meaningful company project. The leaders of the future must involve employees in the corporate strategy, enable everyone to contribute, motivate their talents and skills and develop them.

Involving your employees in the company project to cultivate smile and success.

Employees increasingly want to join a company where they feel at home, where they can find their place, which welcomes them properly and recognises their uniqueness and their value. This is a striking feature of Generation Y and Millennials, whose relationship to business marks a radical change from that of their elders. They want a more streamlined hierarchy, a meaningful job, where they can be involved in important decisions and in their company project, becoming its stakeholders. This is the real motivation.

Companies have to change the rules of the game. The corporate strategy needs to be redesigned as a general project that involves all

employees, not just a project led by management, with the employees following along without any real conviction. The challenge now is to involve the whole company in the discussions, to obtain a new form of support through action, which requires a genuine change in corporate culture.

What’s the result? A more structured company with teams united around a common prism, and better synergy leading to better performance. Although the benefits will be felt in terms of wellbeing at work and productivity, they will also be passed on to the end client, who will benefit from better quality products and/or services, the result of genuine personal engagement by everyone.

“Tell me and I will forget,

show me and I may remember,

involve me and I will understand.”

Khogi Proverb

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Did you know?

In France, 9% of employees are actively engaged, 26% are completely disengaged, 65% are not engaged.

Our 4 tips for involving your employees in the company strategy

1. Co-build the company project with your staff

To make your employees part of the corporate strategy, we’re convinced it’s important to make them stakeholders in it. Before you even set up the project, invite them to take part in preparing it, discussing with you about the directions to take, the areas to focus on and the methodology to follow. The earlier your employees are involved in the project, the stronger and more genuine their support will be. They will feel part of the team, genuinely motivated to achieve the project together.

2. Give a role and objective to each person

Good involvement requires anticipation and organisation. The corporate strategy gives meaning to the company project, but also to each person’s work. We recommend defining your employees’ roles and objectives clearly, so that everyone understands the value they bring to the project,the skills they will be able to use and how they will contribute to the company’s success. The meaning of the company project is a general area of focus, but it’s not enough on its own. Giving meaning and interest to each person’s missions makes them feel valued, involved and motivated.

3. Communicate about the company project

To ensure that the corporate strategy is understood and adopted, a communications plan is essential. This is what keeps the project alive and gives it energy every day, for the whole period of the plan. Creating an internal communications network, informing your employees of their successes, the work they have achieved, the results and the effort made by everyone. To bring your project to life, storytelling is key as it’s a way to dive into the wonderful history your employees are a part of, chapter by chapter, from beginning to end, via twists and turns.

4. Bring the company project to life

Communication is an important factor in bringing your company project to life, but it’s not enough on its own. To maintain everyone’s motivation and engagement in the corporate strategy, you need regular special events. You can organise shared discussion sessions, weekly or monthly meetings between the different teams so that they can “re-share” the general vision as the project makes progress. Put on social events, particularly when launching the corporate project, to celebrate your victories and stimulate your employees with new experiences.

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At Sagarmatha, we believe that best way to develop a company is to start with its people. So we will support you to create your company project, launch it and bring it to life, encouraging your employees to get involved. With our understanding of your identity, your corporate culture and your strategic levers, we will propose a personalised methodology to support you:

  • With you, we will organise creative management committees, brainstorming sessions and collaborative workshops to define an action plan, cross-departmental working groups and a working method shaped by regular feedback;
  • We will create co-design workshops involving your employees from the start, to decide on the name of the project, the messages it will convey and the practical action to be taken;
  • We will support you in preparing a communications plan based on the storytelling, so that we can write your company project together;
  • We will create special events to launch the project, combining a festive atmosphere with a collaborative experience. Throughout the project, we will create unique moments to thank the staff that make your company move forward, day by day.

At Sagarmatha, we offer personalised support that matches the identity of your company and your employees, to activate your human potential around a strong, motivating project.

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