Cultiver l'esprit d'innovation des collaborateurs de Storengy 7
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France, Germany and UK

Très beau projet réalisé avec l’agence. Ravie d’avoir travaillé en co-construction comme à chaque fois. L’agence ne cherche pas à vendre absolument des prestations ou des services pour se faire de l’argent. Très intéressant et rassurant de travailler avec Sagarmatha.

Josiane LourdaultChargée de communication

Cultivating a spirit of innovation at Storengy

The challenge

  • To reveal the ingenuity of the teams and highlight Storengy’s innovations through the 2018 Initiatives Challenge To disseminate innovation within the Group and encourage employees to take part in the Challenge

Let’s start!

We devised an inspiring, sparkling, relevant theme for the 2018 edition. The Initiatives Challenge communication was based on a digital book presenting the projects in a summarised, educational way, with photos of the teams. All the employees were invited to vote for their favourite project. We proposed a Grand Jury system and an Award Ceremony devised in the same spirit: “speaking” badges that invite discussion, warm-ups, a Market Place to present the 44 applications submitted & an Award Ceremony with innovation quizzes to thank and showcase the winning teams.





The Sag Touch’

  • We created “adopt a project” chequebooks for the market place, inviting employees to disseminate their innovations within the Group.
  • We are proud to have helped develop the initiatives of the Storengy teams.
  • We laughed a lot during the brainstorming, trying to find creative names for all the projects.
  • We loved working in confidence and co-building with our clients.
  • We went into a cold sweat when the 3D Awards were given out, innovative but very fragile objects!

Did you know?

Since the creation of the Initiatives Challenge in 2010, 1,187 applications have been submitted by Storengy staff. A genuine long-term commitment to stimulating innovation by encouraging teams to take internal initiatives. This commitment helps to nurture the employee experience at Storengy, leading to better overall performance.

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