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Le Bourget

Bonne nouvelle : Stratégies nous décerne un prix dans le cadre du « Grand Prix Stratégies de la communication événementielle 2018 » pour notre dernier E800.
La récompense d’un travail collectif, dans lequel j’ai pour ma part pris beaucoup de plaisir ! Bravo en particulier à l’équipe projet et à l’agence, qui ont largement contribué à la réussite de l’événement.

Bertrand Danloux-DumesnilsDirection de la Communication Engie

Motivating and involving 800 “imaginative builders” to accelerate Engie's growth

The challenge

  • How to mobilise the 800 Imaginative Builders consisting of the top managers and internal communities: innovators, young professionals network, leaders for tomorrow, women in network, start-uppers in incubators, etc., in their mission as growth accelerators and give them the desire to get their teams on board

Let’s start!

We co-built the strategy in an agile team, consisting of the ENGIE team and the agency. The Imaginative Builders community was activated in several stages before, during and after the event, giving participants a real user experience. We capitalised on the involvement of 100 internal coaches, brought together before the event to prepare the specific content and lead the different workshops face to face. Their mission: to facilitate fruitful conversations between the participants on strategic topics and allow collective intelligence to emerge.

The key moment: the “Growth Booster Journey”, an experiential, guided journey consisting of 4 interactive spaces based on the 4 pillars of the Group’s growth strategy. A personal digital content kit, customisable for face to face, completed the #ImaginativeBuilders activity.





The Sag Touch’

  • We transformed Le Bourget into a non-conventional, collaborative workspace.
  • We are proud to have won, with ENGIE, the Communication Strategies / Events Systems 2017 Award.

Did you know?

Because we believe in human potential, we think it’s important to learn to get to know each other better, identify shared interests and create links that go beyond each employee’s expertise. By discovering and putting our trust in each other, we can be fully involved in the transformation as a collective group.

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