Partageons nos belles expériences 16
Outdoor holidays
Number of participants
1 600
20 sites in France

Quel bonheur de travailler avec une équipe disponible et super réactive… et toujours dans une ambiance fun !

Valérie GuilletAssistante du Président Directeur Général (et chef du projet)

Making values come to life: we are SIBLU!

The challenge

Giving shape to the values expressed by the SIBLU teams, revealing them (signature, slogans and visual identity) and giving life to them at a roadshow on 20 sites in France.

Let’s start!

We took Siblu’s identity at its word, co-creating the signature for the communications plan and the slogans with the teams during an on-site workshop. We then set up a communications plan highlighting the teams with the signature “We are SIBLU”, a visual identity based on a mosaic of first names, a photo mosaic of the staff (shot on 4 sites in France), a “values” film that looks in-depth at the everyday life of staff on the ground. All the elements created were revealed by the CEO at a roadshow on all the Siblu sites.





The Sag Touch’

  • We managed to get the teams out of their comfort zones.
  • We never thought we’d take a photo of a giant smile (the Siblu mascot)!
  • We’re proud of how excited the staff were when they saw the “values” film.
  • We laughed a lot with our client every day.
  • We loved the staff ‘sun dance’ (including the CEO) on each site.
  • We went into a cold sweat when the campsite where the film shoot was due to take place was flooded.

Did you know?

Staff are always ready to express and illustrate the values of the company they get up for each morning. Reinforcing links between the men and women in the company through co-building approaches, collective expression and celebration of values means using positive emotions to create performance – everyone’s a winner!

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