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Real estate
Number of participants
2 500

Many thanks to everyone on the Congress team, which made this event a success. We've had great feedback and compliments from everyone.

François MoerlenDeputy Chairman, FNAIM

Bringing together real estate professionals by inspiring them and giving them keys

The challenge

  • The National Real Estate Federation consists of 13 real estate associations. Every year, 3,000 members come to its annual conference in Paris. Getting as many members as possible to come to this essential event, combining inspiring plenary sessions with practical solutions.
  • Renewing the format and innovating in a new place, the Carrousel du Louvre. Supporting FNAIM for the 7th consecutive year. And rethinking the model to support the Federation towards a balanced budget.

Let’s start!

We designed a signature theme to launch the activities and connect the Conference with the Trade Fair. A scenography that shows trough the yellow thread on the proscenium the connections and the movement. Plenary sessions with simple, participative solutions, interactivity, bringing the FNAIM family together, focusing on the elected officials and members, and boosting the sequences. Research, coordination and coaching of about 20 high-level speakers (FNAIM, experts, MEDEF, Minister, Members of Parliament, etc.). A very strong final happening to bring together and motivate the profession. A wealth of practical content in the Trade Fair part (150 exhibitors) with workshops (50 speakers, 3 keynote spaces) managed within the exhibition via headsets.





The Sag Touch

  • After six editions, we were able to renew the concept and support the new FNAIM team, in a new place… by designing a new format.
  • We put on some very participative, exciting sequences to bring people together, make an impression and represent the new Presidency of FNAIM.
  • We adapted to some last-minute changes (Minister’s agenda, etc.).
  • We were proud to welcome some well-known personalities such as Julien Denormandie, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, Gilles Babinet, etc.
  • We were delighted to send 2,000 balls of wool to the charity Amis Sans Frontières, which helps mothers in difficulty. We were proud of the President’s message: “How wonderful to find so many balls of wool!”
  • We went into a cold sweat when the FNAIM General Meeting taking place in the same room was still going on 45 minutes before the Conference was due to start and we had a technical reconfiguration and set design to sort out!

Did you know?

The FNAIM event is a good example of Sagarmatha’s ability to combine a Conference Space with a Trade Fair Space (150 traditional stands and exhibitors), a powerful lever to connect the event to FNAIM’s stakeholders (partners, suppliers, networks, media, etc.) and mix communication, meetings, solutions and practical services, business opportunities… and a financial partnership for setting up the event.

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