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Number of participants

250 people on site + 8,000 people connected remotely throughout the world


At Pavillon Gabriel in Paris, France

Loxam United is both a way to acknowledge other members of Loxam and a rallying symbol to the Group’s values!

Gérard DéprezLOXAM CEO

Bring together 11,000 employees from 30 different countries during a hybrid seminar.

The challenge

After the pandemic and the recent purchases, how to reach every employee across 30 countries to celebrate our latest success and help them (re)connect and strengthen their sense of belonging to our company?

Let’s start!

Instead of having only a part of the employees at the event or having all of them flying to one place and generating both a high carbon footprint and health risks associated with a large gathering, we created a project that could connect all 11,000 employees across 30 countries.

This hybrid event called Loxam United has been designed as a 5-key step project to bring people together.

1– We gathered the Loxam community around a dedicated online platform that was developed in 19 languages so that every Group employee could access it.

2 – We involved the employees together and strengthened the community thanks to the LOXAM UNITED hymn, All of Us Together, that every team learned and sang during a local team-building event.

3 – We shared the common vision and culture through a 1-hour giant live, an impactful and interactive digital event shot at studio Gabriel with the 250 top-level managers, which was live-streamed in 30 countries and simultaneously translated into 19 languages.

4 – We used gamification to strengthen the synergy and solidarity: a mobile app, a 5-day challenge, and a step tracker as a common thread. The teams’ overall performance was turned into a donation for a cancer charity.

5- Eventually, we held a closing live event to celebrate individual and collective successes, thank every employee, take stock and give the 1st Group Awards.





The Sag Touch’

  • We are proud we dared involve our clients in such an ambitious digital event!
  • We almost became multilingual! Long live the contents and communication campaigns in 19 languages!
  • Our team had an amazing human adventure with our clients

Did you know?

We owe the success of this event to true collaborative work and our client’s unwavering trust who opted for a creative and innovative format! These two factors, along with operational excellence & strategy, are crucial in the choice of an agency. Click here to see the 2023 Client Barometer generated by L’Événement (the event communication agencies organization).

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