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Lille + 13 French sites

It’s the 3rd business seminar that we organize with Sagarmatha and it’s such a pleasure to work with them: they’re always available, responsive, professional and cheerful!

The Communication Team

Hybrid? A business seminar taking place simultaneously in 13 different connected locations

The challenge

At the end of 2020 we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis. How to help the Bell Retail France teams to get together for their annual New Year meeting? How to make an experience unique and impactful for 130 people who are located in 13 different French sites?

Let’s start!

We chose to create a hybrid event for that annual meeting: gathering small groups, all connected simultaneously to a main studio. A format that allowed guests to meet onsite while promoting interactivity among all the remotely connected guests.

Our commitment: to use music as a central theme to create a welcoming atmosphere throughout the day. We used the music programs codes to make that business seminar as energetic as possible: music trivia, guess the song, fun and creative jingles, music videos as opening titles for each unit, etc. The highlight was a musical team building organized beforehand to produce a video in which every employee could find their place in a tight-knit and harmonious group; a perfect activity to set the pace for that convention!

Thanks to that hybrid format, the teams felt valued, they experienced togetherness while being apart, they had a chance to bond and kickstart their year!





The Sag Touch

  • We were surprised to see how enthusiastic the employees were even before the event started! We asked them to collaborate on a video project and they swung into action right away!
  • We managed to organize a live award ceremony while the nominees were in different regions! It went smashingly on the 13 different sites, without any technical glitches!
  • In line with Bonduelle’s values, shared on all sites, we are proud of the 100% vegetarian lunch that we served that day!
  • We were thrilled to provide our clients with a hybrid event, a format that makes digital business seminars more human, more welcoming and more dynamic!

Did you know?

As digital and hybrid events are becoming the new norm, many studios have been created all over France. You can create your own onsite TV studio: a tailored and dynamic tool to be developed according to your needs. Our partner, Monkey Mirror, could help you set it up thanks to their Monk’It studio. 👉 Follow the link to discover their 3D modeling studio.

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