Fédérer une communauté MOTUL avec des voyages d’exception 4
Gan Patrimoine
Number of participants
34 employees and their partners

Nous ne parlons plus de "voyages" mais d'aventures humaines, qui nous font revenir plus ouverts, plus curieux, plus riches ! Nous grandissons avec Sagarmatha, et Sagarmatha grandit avec nous.

Alain DijonDirecteur du Développement

Reward your team with a unique human adventure

The challenge

Motivating employees all year round with a reward destination, a trip off the beaten track where they would never have gone on their own.

Let’s start!

We recommended a little known, multi-faceted, colourful destination – Colombia. We sought out the ingredients for a unique experience to build an unforgettable trip, full of surprises. A human adventure full of encounters, in the legendary bar in Bogota at 2,500 metres altitude, or with small growers on a coffee plantation. Highly bonding moments, with a team building exercise in aid of a village in the coffee growing region.





The Sag Touch’

  • We loved sharing and discussing with the local people, taking over a street in Cartagena to organise a party with the local community!
  • We built a camp on a beach, something that had never been done before, so we could admire the sunrise over the sea. Guaranteed wow factor!
  • We are proud to have rearranged the trip so that a pregnant woman could take part in the trip she had won!
  • We laughed a lot during the salsa lesson!

Did you know?

The cohesion and performance of a team comes from simple acts of recognition on a daily basis and also from unique, important moments such as incentive trips. And when partners are invited, it’s added stimulation! Incentive trips are a unique way to mix enjoyment with performance. The proof, during the trip, was that at 2 o’clock in the morning, sitting round the fire on the beach, the structure of a new management system was planned, to make it easier for salespeople to feed back data!

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