How to improve work recognition in 5 tips

Recognition, meaning and a feeling of belonging are the 3 key pillars of employee motivation in business. A comment, a gesture, an attitude… being recognised at work can be a very little thing… Little everyday things that can make all the difference, boosting fulfilment and performance! In addition to reward and official internal recognition systems, recognition is part of everyday life. What for the consequences? Employees who have a good relationship with their line managers and their peers, motivated to achieve their objectives and proud to belong to the company.

Recognition at work: proud, involved employees

Enabling your employee to feel recognised and appreciated for their work produces an almost instant, long-lasting feeling of engagement. This recognition reinforces their pride in belonging to the company and gives them the desire to act in the company’s interest. A winning balance of smile and success. But what do we mean by recognition? Recognition is simply a direct, sincere way of thanking your staff for their commitment.

Thanks for the time you’ve spent, the quality of the work you’ve done, your good ideas, the skills you give to the company…” Listed like this, showing recognition seems simple and yet, 40% of employees in France do not feel appreciated for their value, while 77% think that their work would mean more to them if they got some recognition from the company. At the same time, over 86% of French companies have introduced an employee recognition system.

“Whatever the source of recognition, it is important as it gives meaning to the effort made at work and reinforces the professional identity.”

Marc Loriol, sociologist and researcher at the CNRS

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Did you know?

In France, one manager in two admits that they lack time to show recognition to their employees.

5 tips for creating recognition in the workplace

Do you want to make recognition for your teams a principle guiding the day-to-day at your company? Here are 5 tips:

1. Create a climate of trust with employees

Listening to employee feedback and suggestions and encouraging initiatives means putting trust in your team. To do this, you need time with them: a lunch to take the time to review and say thank you, an individual appraisal following an interesting discussion at the coffee machine, collaborative workshops for shared discussion time and feedback… This might seem time-consuming but it will have a direct impact on each person’s involvement.

2. Value skills

Mettre en lumière les compétences des uns et des autres est un acte essentiel : pendant les briefings, pendant les réunions qui regroupent les différentes entités de l’entreprise, ou à travers des formats plus fun et ludiques. Être reconnu collectivement pour ses compétences au sein de l’organisation est très valorisant, et donne du sens au travail fourni par chacun. Pensez aussi à un juste équilibre des signes de reconnaissance accordés aux uns et aux autres, car la réussite d’un projet est souvent le fruit d’un travail collectif et d’une addition des expertises !

3. Recognise effort

Why wait for the results to thank the team for their efforts? Employees put a lot of effort into a project, even if it doesn’t achieve the expected result. In these more difficult moments, it’s even more important to value the effort they’ve made to achieve success. And if the project is successful, don’t just celebrate their success, but congratulate them on their efficiency and skills too.

4. Say thank you

Say thank you in a variety of ways. Language is obviously the first way you can thank someone: saying thank you when checking the progress of a project, or during an individual appraisal. Thanks can also be relevant through more informal, shareable ways, such as a “Thank you panel” displayed in the company reception, listing the thanks received from clients. During an end of year event or New Year wishes, a “ film of achievements” will highlight everyone’s accomplishments.

5. Celebrate victories

Say well done! The path of a business is littered with obstacles, difficult moments, but also and above all, victories! It’s important to take time to celebrate them, whether they’re large or small. Each is important and is a way of highlighting the men and women who have made a difference.

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