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South Africa

We were very keen to share with you how excellent your teams have been: we particularly valued their versatility, flexibility, responsiveness, expertise - and all with a smile!

Equipe communication

Bringing together a community of 200 leaders in a collective, responsible adventure, and getting them on board with the transformation

The challenge

Bringing together a community of 200 leaders, creating a team united around the new Management in a context of change. Sharing the new 2020 strategy with them and cultivating a taste for change, in a format taking place for the 18th time, with a history of rewarding destinations.

Let’s start!

We decided to go outside the box by designing a Corporate Meeting in Learning Expedition style to explore a new territory, South Africa, and enjoy a strong, memorable, collective experience. An open, inspiring event, involving employees, customers and the local population.

A strong symbol: the 4-day programme of key moments was based around the company’s 4 values. Day 1: welcoming new people, vision/strategy. Day 2: meeting customers from the African middle class, start-ups and companies in the African ecosystem. Day 3: a day of charity action in the Raphuthi rural township. Day 4: a group camp in tents in the heart of a reserve in the African bush. The project was also designed in a way that would convey messages to all the employees in the company.





The Sag Touch

  • We took the leaders very far from their bases.
  • We’re proud of the Charity Day in the Raphuthi township: a sustainable project that brought real change to the local population and created pride and meaning for the leaders.
  • We laughed when the giraffes approached our plenary tent, in the middle of the bush.
  • We loved the meeting with François Piennar, the Springboks champion, at the Apartheid Museum: a very moving, meaningful encounter.

Did you know?

The charity action in the Raphuthi township has been cascaded within the company. The company has decided to introduce a CSR action to all future meetings. In this way the company can directly put its management in a position to act across the company and get the employees involved.

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