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Healthcare professionals

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I really enjoyed your professionalism. It’s a real pleasure to work with you

Scientific Director

Turn a healthcare professionals onsite meeting into a digital experience.

The challenge

While we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 sanitary crisis, how can we turn a normal event bringing together healthcare professionals into a completely digital and interactive experience?

Let’s start!

We used our past experience as event organizers for healthcare professionals to shake things up and transform a traditional meeting into a brand-new format: an inventive and interactive webinar.

We came up with a concept show, including naming and graphic design, that offers virtual working spaces for healthcare professionals.

Thanks to our healthcare expertise, we integrated all the regulatory constraints in the visuals and content production process (video, serious game, decor, streaming platform, invitations…).

Taking into account both the GDPR and cybersecurity regulations, we were proactive and worked closely with our client’s IT team on the streaming platform.

The Sagarmatha Healthcare Team combined their competence in dynamic content creation with their knowledge of healthcare professionals and their training in pharmaceutical regulation (e.g., the anti-gifts law).





The Sag Touch

  • We were delighted to work together with our Hopscotch PR colleagues to promote this event: teaser videos to introduce the Key Opinion Leaders, a press release and a PR campaign.
  • We had to change studio 48 hours before the event, a good scare at the time but a happy ending adventure after all, thanks to an amazing team!
  • We’re proud of our “One Team” concept, which we developed with health journalist Veronique Mounier and which gave our show a professional tone and rhythm.

Did you know?

Sagarmatha Healthcare is a team of experts in events for healthcare professionals. We master the regulatory framework for such events and we regularly get trained in pharmaceutical legislation evolution (e.g. the anti-gifts law, known as DMOS in France). We turned your scientific contents, like clinical cases, into dynamic and creative ones; we can enhance your content through a video, an interactive session or thanks to a serious game.

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